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EquesPro's Story



All EquesPro products are scientifically developed through extensive research of case studies on every mineral and vitamin and the role it plays in the metabolic system of the horse. Many of the different elements only function when in perfect balance with another element and that is the key to success of a high quality supplement product. Our team driven by Dr. J Marais and Dr. JA Nel is putting together superior products with a variety of chemical engineers, nutritionists and professional equestrians in consulting to create the highest standard of quality products.




All our products are powered by Marnite® a true gift from nature and is the core structure to all our supplements.


Marnite® is a unique multi-mineral complex, providing bioactive MAGNESIUM and CALCIUM in perfect ratio of 1:2 along with 20 other elements. Unlike other mineral sources used in supplement preparation, Marnite® is a 100% natural mineral product (with natural slow release magnesium) that is neutral and is easily absorbed by the horse’s digestive system.


Marnite® is a 100% natural product with no chemical intervention.

Marnite® is a proven bioavailable, 100% absorbable active ingredient, supported by validated test protocols and test results in compliance with international protocols, guidelines and standards.

Marnite®’s main elements consist of, Magnesium (Natural Slow Release Magnesium) and Calcium in perfect ratio 1:2, with 20 other elements.


Marnite® complies with MCC/SAHPRA, FDA & BP test protocols, guidelines and standards. All tests were conducted by independent  internationally accredited laboratories.


CLICK HERE to view the Marnite® Certificate of Analysis

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