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Calcium (Ca) as supplementation in the working horse's diet


Calcium is a chemical element with the symbol Ca and atomic number 20.

The majority of the Ca (almost 99%) in a horse’s body is found in bones and teeth.

Calcium is a critical mineral for many important bodily functions:

• it plays a role in muscle contraction

• cell membrane function,

• blood clotting and some enzymes’ function, as well.

The body must regulate blood Ca concentrations carefully. To do so, bone can act as a storage pool for extra Ca, but it is always best if a horse’s diet provides sufficient Ca.

Calcium is a macro-mineral which means it is needed in large quantities in the horse's diet, most horses not in work would be able to sustain good calcium levels from natural feeding, but for the working athlete Calcium is much needed in the form of supplementation.

Calcium works closely with Magnesium for muscle contraction and needed to be supplement together.

Some signs of Calcium deficiency:

  • Decrease in hoof quality

  • Uneven movement (also called shifting lameness)

  • Hard, bony lumps, likely to experience shin soreness

  • Increased likelihood of fractures under stress

  • Poor quality of teeth; they may be loose and your horse may have a hard time chewing

  • Osteoporosis

  • Arthritis

  • Weight loss even without a change in diet

  • Depression

  • Stiff appearance

  • Shortened gait when trotting

  • Your horse may appear to have a big head; this will occur once calcium taken from the skeleton has gotten to where softer connective tissue replaces the bone matrix, starting with the skull bones

  • As your horse’s jaws swell, those bones and his nasal bone lead to deformity of his head

horse hoofs and legs running in water
Calcium promotes good strong healthy bones & healthy hoof growth.


Why EquesPro powered by Marnite®

Marnite® is a unique multi-mineral complex, providing bioactive MAGNESIUM and CALCIUM in perfect ratio of 1:2 along with 20 other elements. Unlike other mineral sources used in supplement preparation, Marnite® is a 100% natural mineral product (with natural slow release magnesium) that is neutral and is easily absorbed by the horse’s digestive system.

Marnite® is a 100% natural product with no chemical intervention.

Marnite® is a proven bioavailable, 100% absorbable active ingredient, supported by validated test protocols and test results in compliance with international protocols, guidelines and standards.

Marnite®’s main elements consist of, Magnesium (Natural Slow Release Magnesium) and Calcium in perfect ratio 1:2, with 20 other elements.


Calcium Magnesium supplement for horses EquesPro all in 1 Pro

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